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In today’s world, living organisms are being weakened more and more by the increasingly unnatural and less species-appropriate way of life. This primarily disrupts metabolic processes. Therefore, even high-quality food or fertilizer from “weakened” living beings cannot be processed sustainably. In the long term, this leads to a disturbance, a disharmony, in the organism and makes it more susceptible to attacks of any kind. Only a weak or weakened life force creates the basis for the organism to be weakened by attacks.

U.A.D. can permanently increase and stabilize the power underlying all life processes as well as all natural metabolic processes through direct stimulation. Immediately after taking or administering the drug, a process begins that can bring about a so-called “robust effect”. This is comparable to the “energizing process” in which the force of the magnetic bar is transferred to the non-magnetic bar by quickly rubbing two bars together.

U.A.D. can activate the life force of the living being and thereby make it strong and resistant. Its very profound and lasting effect could be observed on plants and animals and also experienced on one’s own body.

U.A.D. consists according to the homeopathic potentization process of plant extracts that are precisely matched to one another according to various criteria.

U.A.D. makes all living beings significantly “more resilient”.

I cordially invite you to share your experiences with U.A.D. close.
With this in mind, I wish you good luck and success with U.A.D..

Yours, Uwe Rüth